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Cross-sectoral Technological Exploration

technological solutions  
in other sectors

new markets
for your technology

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Are you looking for innovative technical solutions?

PATENT EXPLORA's innovative methodology allows you to explore throughout the industrial sectors and among 100 million of patents the technologies that enable you to innovate in your market.


Are you looking for new markets to diversify?  

By technological analogy between patents from different sectors, the PATENT EXPLORA algorithm  
identifies markets and unsuspected applications that require your expertise.

Do you want to deepen your knowledge of a technology?

80% of technological knowledge is embedded in patents.

By relying on artificial intelligence, our method makes it possible to trace the history of a technology and list its commercial applications .

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who are we ?

We created PATENT EXPLORA to respond to a growing problem : The compartmentalisation of industrial sectors is an obstacle to innovation.


We explore for you technologies in all sectors and find development opportunities for your activity:  

- new markets for your technology,

- new technologies  to innovate in your market.

For this, we have developed an artificial intelligence algorithm associated with a unique methodology for analyzing patents: By studying the similarities between different applications in different sectors, the method allows PATENT EXPLORA to decompartmentalize industry bringing out opportunities for innovation.


Guillaume Carré
Founder of PATENT EXPLORA   

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Qui sommes nous ?

Our services

X/R&D Service
New technological solutions

PATENT EXPLORA offers R&D teams a unique multi-sector patent search service to generate a catalog of technological solutions.

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In a simple and practical document, discover 60 to 80 illustrated and popularized patents


technical and commercial information on their application in the real world .

Towards new markets

PATENT EXPLORA is an in-depth exploration of industrial applications to identify the sectors that need your know-how .

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model X-Biz 13.png

Discover in the form of a catalog a selection of 10 to 20 applications classified by sector


a list of companies active in these sectors which will be your potential partners or competitors .


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